About Us

We believe girls and women should be empowered and independent.  But as a mother daughter duo we kept running into the same problem.  How many times do we go out and say where do I put my phone, keys, lipstick or tampon?  It could be a simple trip to the store, or a night out with friends, or a workout at the gym.  Gone are the days where we want to ask our date to hold our phone or our stuff.  And let's be real, l we don't want to go anywhere without it.  That's why we asked ourselves why have we've been deprived of pockets that actually work.  Men get real pockets with all of their clothes and we get these pocket look-a-likes, pockets that are just okay, pockets that fit half our stuff or no pockets at all.   And while we love a good purse we don't always want to take one.  So we take purses sometimes just because when we can't figure out what to do without one. And we don't want to leave our phones, because our phone is your wallet, your camera, your ability to call a rideshare if the date doesn't go well.  Don't give up that power!  So we found a solution that fits your life and style.  We are gender inclusive, body positive and we know we have to stick together.  Our company was started and operates in California with our products being made and designed here. We started this journey as mother daughter, as friends and really as just two girls trying to solve a problem in a fun and stylish way.  Empower that pocket. Empocket your life!

Photo by Lisa Kathleen Photography